Garbage Disposal

The first garbage disposal was invented in Wisconsin in 1927 and has grown to be a staple amongst American households. This device safely shreds food waste into pieces that can easily travel through your home’s plumbing. Nearly half of all households in the United States have a garbage disposal and work to keep waste from ending up in a landfill.

With such a handy tool at your disposal, repairs can become essential. When issues do arise from your garbage disposal, you may want to find a local plumber that can quickly repair garbage disposals accurately. Although some minor repairs can be made by yourself, it is always best to have a licensed plumber review the issue in order to stop further damage from occurring. Many Milwaukee plumbers offer free home inspections to help determine the type and cost of repairs that may be needed.

When hiring a service to fix your garbage disposal it may be interesting to know that there are actually two types of disposals – continuous feed and batch feed. Selecting a plumber who understands how each of these types operates is essential. The type of disposal that is in your home can easily be determined when your plumber performs a free in-home inspection.

Having a properly functioning garbage disposal helps to save you time and effort when ridding your home of food waste. It can help keep animals away that are looking for food in your trash cans and help keep your overall waste production down as well. Be sure that you choose a plumber that is certified to repair garbage disposals. You should expect quality service from technicians that are certified and insured before beginning any plumbing work in your home. Choose a company that you can rely on when hiring a technician to fix your garbage disposal.